Forest School

We are delighted that this half term, Mr Clarke, has been back in school running forest school sessions for each class. The children really enjoyed their time outside – fire lighting, making dens, whittling wood and pond dipping. 
There will be further sessions in the summer term. 

Anti Bullying Week 2021

This week in school has been anti-bullying week. The classes have spent time thinking about what we mean by bullying and what we can do to stop it. 
The theme for this year is ‘One Kind word’. In assembly we looked at how we can create chains of kindness. The children were set a challenge of saying kind words to other people, at home and at school. 
All the work from this week will be feeding into an updated Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policy that we will share before the end of the term 

Year 6 - Anti Bullying Rap

Year 5 Poem about Anti-Bullying

Let’s all be kind!
By Grasshopper Class

I was bullied today, be kind to others
Wicked words that ripped open my heart
Now, let’s all be kind!

I was bullied today, be kind to others
They make you lose confidence as the bruise they inflict darkens
Surrounded by horrible words and people
The bruises of words never heal, they keep coming at you
Now let’s all be kind!

A bully is somebody who overtakes your stuff or hates you
Bullies are morons and they gang up on you to cover you in hurtful words. They really dig deep
Now, let’s all be kind!h

You make me feel alone and unwanted, you make me feel sad, left out, but most importantly, I am hurt
Remember, bullies stand up strong and fierce but they have a weakness which is being jealous of those they pity, so never let them get to you
Now, let’s all be kind!

Now, let’s all be kind!

One Kind Word Official Video


Sports Day

On Tuesday 20th July we held our key stage 1 and key stage 2 sports day. The children took part in field events and races. We hope the images and videos give you a flavour of the day. 

Key stage 1

Apologies for the sound quality on this video – the neighbours were hedge trimming!

Key stage 2