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To create an inclusive Christian community where children develop a love of learning, grow into confidence and flourish.

Jesus said: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
John 10:10

We are proud to be a Church of England primary school and our vision is firmly based upon Christian principle of ‘life in all it’s fullness’. At Jolesfield, we believe that as children of God we are all valued and that a happy child is a learning child. We pursue academic rigour and excellence in all we do to enable the whole school community to flourish.

We ensure that we celebrate achievement in all of its forms, as well as the effort that goes into making progress. We work hard to cultivate a love of learning and self-belief that enables everyone to take risks and ‘have a go’, growing in confidence without fear of failure so that they can flourish.


Jolesfield Church of England Primary School is committed to educational excellence and to the spiritual, moral and cultural development of all its pupils.

The School recognises and affirms its Church of England foundation and greatly values its continuing link with the parish church of St Michael and All Angels Church.

As a ‘Controlled’ Church of England school, Jolesfield enjoys close links with the local church.

“The Christian values of the school have created an inclusive, caring ethos for every pupil”

SIAMS July 2016

The content of our worship is based on teaching children about the Christian faith and values as revealed in the Bible. Kindness and tolerance towards others are encouraged and healthy self-esteem, discipline and initiative are also fostered. There are opportunities to learn, sing and pray together as well as time for quiet contemplation.

Class assemblies, celebrations of the main Christian festivals and special services to mark the end of the school year all contribute to our community life. The school worships every day.

We recognise that our children, parents and staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds with differing views on faith and commitment and our worship is sensitive to this issue. The context of our worship is Christian because we are a Church of England School. However, assemblies are organised so that everyone can participate in a way that makes sense to them.

The rights of parents to withdraw their children from acts of worship and religious education are respected.

“Leaders have a clear vision for the school based on Christian values.”

OFSTED January 2020

Our ethos and values have an impact on:


We aim to create a happy, secure and caring environment which encourages children to be self-confident and to recognise:

  • The individual worth of each child
  • The need to provide equal opportunities for everyone
  • The importance of helping each child attain his/her full potential
  • The value of self-respect, self-discipline and self-confidence


In teaching and learning, we aim to provide a curriculum that ensures balance, depth and relevance to each and every child, not least those with special needs. We aim to:

  • Promote the development of children’s learning
  • Have high, but realistic expectations of our pupils’ achievements
  • Provide a structured but stimulating learning environment
  • Encourage and foster teaching staff development and professionalism


We recognise our position within our village and the community beyond and we aim to:

  • Develop in our pupils respect and tolerance for others, regardless of background
  • Create respect for the environment
  • Help children to have a sense of belonging to the School and the wider community by encouraging them to be courteous and self-disciplined
  • Encourage members of the community to contribute to the extra-curricular activities of the School and to contribute their time and skills, where appropriate.
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