There is a uniform at Jolesfield CE Primary School and all the items can be purchased locally. Our school colours are dark green and grey. Orders for special school sweatshirts and cardigans and T-shirts for PE that is embroidered with our school badge can be made via the Internet company. Please contact the school office if you have any trouble ordering uniform.

 Children are expected to wear:

  • Green sweatshirt/cardigan with logo (available from the office or online at www.yourschooluniform.com)
  • White or green short-sleeved polo shirt (available with logo from the office or online at www.yourschooluniform.com)

  • Trousers / skirt / shorts: black or grey

  • Summer dress: green / white check

  • Shoes: black shoes (no heels / no canvas shoes / no trainers)

  • Black, white or grey socks/tights (footless tights and leggings are not permitted)

  • PE: children should wear a white T-shirt, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers or plimsolls

    Other essential items: You may buy book bags, PE bags and hats from our school office. To reduce lost property, please clearly mark all clothing, bags etc. with your child’s full name. There is a lost property cupboard in the hall. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to an individual’s property.


Long hair should be tied back (this is so that it does not distract from learning and for hygiene reasons).

Hairstyles should not be attention-seeking e.g. extreme styles such as sculptured names/symbols, Mohicans, gelled or dyed hair are neither appropriate nor acceptable for children of primary school age.

Jewellery and make-up

Items that are absolutely required by religion are allowed. Other jewellery is limited to a watch and plain ear studs earrings (no more than 4mm wide).

No earrings are to be worn for PE. Children must be able to remove these themselves. No make-up, including nail varnish.

The youngest children should have simple fasteners that they can manage themselves.

Please make sure that your child is presentable and neat when they arrive at school and we will strive valiantly to maintain this during the day.

All items of clothing and other personal property must be labelled. Pupils are actively discouraged from bringing any money or valuables to school. If they do, however, they should be handed to their teacher as soon as they arrive, to be kept until the end of the day. The school cannot accept responsibility for any items that are not handed in at the start of the day.

Buy uniform online at Your School Uniform link below. 

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