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Physical Education

Physical Education


At Jolesfield Church of England Primary School, we want our children to lead a happy and healthy life.  We know that having an active lifestyle is a huge part of this. We aim to expose our children to a wide range of sports and physical activities from the moment they start school. Through sequenced lessons, that gradually build and develop skills, the children’s confidence flourishes. As in all subjects across our curriculum, we expect the children to become resilient sportspeople, always striving to be the best that they can, whilst having fun and developing a sense of what it is to be a good sport. We use PE as an opportunity for children to build their team working skills and to develop leadership qualities. As we are in the fortunate position of having a swimming pool on site, this is a focus area for us. We believe that swimming is a life skill that every child should have the opportunity to learn and this is part of our curriculum from Reception onwards.

We are able to offer a wide  range of extra-curricular sports clubs run by expert coaches, all of whom run their sessions with the same intent as the school. We give children the opportunity to represent their school, working closely with our locality schools to arrange as many sporting events as possible, always looking to be inclusive in our team selections.


  • The progressive curriculum is planned and taught by following, Get Set 4 PE, which is a sequenced scheme that gradually develops the skills of all children across a wide range of sports and activities.The lesson plans are detailed but adapted to the needs of individuals. The programme offers the opportunity for individual assessment of each child, which is used to  inform future planning.
  • PE is taught twice a week across the school. Two areas are selected for each half term, one for outdoor and one indoor. The school has invested in PE equipment to ensure all areas can be taught well.
  • During the Summer months a swimming pool rota is created to allow as many children as possible to use  the pool regularly. During pool opening weeks KS2 has a Friday afternoon sports carousel, again designed to  maximise swimming time for children.
  • The school is committed to active learning in the classroom. This consists of regularly participating in the daily mile and also using short brain breaks, such as dance exercise, to stimulate learning.
  • Sports leaders are appointed from Year 6. Their role is to support the teachers during sports events and to support younger children at break time.
  • The Deputy Head attends termly meetings with the PE leads from the other locality schools. This allows for competitive sports events to be held regularly across the school year. As well as this, the school regularly enters teams and individuals into wider area West Sussex events.
  • The school facilitates numerous sports clubs including: Football, tennis, table tennis, karate, dance and netball. Disadvantaged children are given the opportunity and are encouraged  to participate in these clubs. 
  • Physical Education Curriculum 2022/23
  • Physical Education Progression of Skills and Knowledge
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