At Jolesfield Church of England Primary School, we are passionate about music. Through our progressive curriculum, we give children the skills, knowledge, experiences and confidence to see themselves as musicians.  We provide the children with the opportunity to experience a wide spectrum of musical genres and music from a diverse range of cultures. The children learn to play a variety of instruments with respect and understanding.  Children develop a broad musical vocabulary and are able to utilise this to discuss their own and other’s compositions.

Music is a feature of every school day whether this is through listening to music whilst practising handwriting, doing an art activity, singing practice or appreciating a particular composer in worship.

Our musical curriculum is further enriched through trips.  In recent years, our children have attended the opera at Glyndebourne and sung at Chichester Cathedral. 

We aim to create an inclusive, fun  singing environment where children have the confidence to sing in front of others. We work closely with other locality schools to make this purposeful such as through participating in the Chanctonbury Music Festival.



Music teaching at Jolesfield includes a variety of learning and performing opportunities. The children are taught music in class, covering a wide range of genres and styles. This includes learning:

  • To play tuned and untuned instruments
  • To use the language of music
  • To read and understand standard notation


The children are provide with opportunities to:

  • Actively listen to and evaluate music across a range of historical periods. 
  • Learn to sing confidently and perform to an audience. 
  • Create and compose music on their own and with others, using instruments or music technology, and including the inter-related dimensions of music. 
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument and read and understand musical notation. 
  • Enjoy music and see it as an enrichment in their lives.

From Reception to Year 6, music lessons take place on a weekly basis. The lessons are usually in 6 week blocks with the outcome selected from a particular area of musical understanding/skill. These may include one or more of:

  • Features of music – pulse/tempo/dynamics/timbre/pitch
  • Composing
  • Reading dot and line/standard notation
  • Responding to music in different ways – dance/art/discussion


The children’s learning includes aspects selected from:

  •  The Model Music Curriculum
  • Charanga
  • BBC 10 Pieces
  • The ABRSM Classical 100 

The children in Years 4, 5 and 6 learn to play the recorder in class and the Year 3 children learn the cornet.

  • Music Curriculum Overview
  • Music Progression of Skills and Knowledge
  • Singing Progression
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