At Jolesfield we believe that learning is a change in long term memory. We believe children learn best by having opportunities to revisit previous learning. We teach music every week so that the children can fully immerse themselves and have opportunities to reflect and build on prior learning.

The objectives of teaching music in our school are:

  • To actively listen to and evaluate music across a range of historical periods. 
  • To learn to sing confidently and perform to an audience. 
  • To create and compose music on their own and with others, using instruments or music technology and including the inter-related dimensions of music. 
  • To learn how to play a musical instrument and read and understand musical notation. 
  • To enjoy music and see it as an enrichment in their lives. ‘Music is a language without words. ‘

As a school, we have designed our music curriculum around our school values:

  • Respect – To give children experiences across a range of genres and topics. Develop cultural capital and respecting rich diversity. 
  • Aspiration – To grow and develop musical knowledge and conceptual understanding through specific disciplines. 
  • Independence – To develop a curriculum which promotes progress and understanding for each child. 
  • Skills for Lifelong Learning – To enable children to acquire skills and knowledge to allow them to develop a love of music. 
  • Environment and Community  – To provide links with the local and wider community to make learning in music relevant and purposeful. e.g. concerts for parents, church, local community 
  • Music Curriculum Overview
  • Year R Music Expectations
  • Year 1 Music Expectations
  • Year 2 Music Expectations
  • Year 3 Music Expectations
  • Year 4 Music Expectations
  • Year 5 Music Expectations
  • Year 6 Music Expectations
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